• Heritage Hog Print

    These are 12 of the Heritage Hog Breeds illustrated by John Tindel. 18″ x 24″ screen print on du-o-tone 100 lbs. cover paper from French Paper Co. Signed, numbered and dated.

  • Whispers of the South

    Murriel Moore Meadows is an amazing lady and finished her first novel at the age of 85. Also, she is my Grandma! All copies purchased from Tindel Co. will be signed.

    Published by Stroud & Hall Publishers; 1ST edition (2013)

  • Blue Magnesite Single Wrap Double Bead

    Wrap: Single with double beads
    Size: Large
    Beads: Bleu magnesite
    Leather: Antique Brown

    Oh yeah FREE SHIPPING!

  • Black and Metal Triple Wrap

    Wrap: Triple
    Size: Average
    Beads: Hematite, glass
    Leather: Black

    Oh yeah FREE SHIPPING!

  • Gray Five Wrap

    Size: small
    Wrap: 5 wrap
    Beads: Hematite, glass, metal
    Leather: Black

    Oh yeah FREE SHIPPING!

  • Turquoise Dark Leather Triple+

    Size: Large -or- Xsmall
    Wrap: Triple -or- Xtra small 4 wrap
    Leather: Dark leather cord

    Oh yeah FREE SHIPPING!

  • Turquoise Triple with Light Leather

    Wrap: Triple
    Size: Average – with extender
    Beads: 8mm turquoise
    Leather: Light

    Oh yeah FREE SHIPPING!

  • Black and Grey Triple

    Black and Grey Triple Wrap

    Wrap: Triple
    Size: Large
    Beads: Onyx, Black & White Glass,
    Materials: leather cord

    Oh yeah FREE SHIPPING!

  • Brown and Bronze Triple Wrap

    Brown and Bronze Triple Wrap

    Wrap: Triple
    Size: average – with an extender
    Beads: Metal, Quartz and Glass
    Materials: leather cord

    Oh yeah FREE SHIPPING!

  • Purple Ametheyst & Quartz

    Purple Ametheyst, Quartz & Glass Triple Wrap

    Size: Small – with an extender
    Beads: Purple ametheyst, purple quartz, purple glass
    Materials: leather cord

    Oh yeah FREE SHIPPING!


  • Intergalactic Caucasian Primitivism

    I will call it “Intergalactic Caucasian Primitivism.” just ’cause.   Here is what I am trying to do? The paintings are just leftovers from the exciting adventure that is the process.  Trying to take the best parts of the last 12+ years of creative process and reuse/combine/distort the techniques I have developed, learned and adopted.  These layered [...]

  • Tindel + Living Walls 2014

    Location: 262 Edgewood Ave NE @ BQE Restaurant & Lounge @ BQE Restaurant & Lounge  

  • Shepard Fairey Hearts Tindel

    Thought I would share this fresh pic that the creative minds behind the Art, Beats and Lyrics Tour just sent me.  They snapped a great shot of Shepard Fairey diggin’ deep into the new piece I created for the Art Tour.  Visit to find out when the tour hits your city. Beyond Regional Charm© [...]

  • E-Merge & TindelMichi at the Airport

    E-merge is a survey of Atlanta’s contemporary artists conceived and curated by Hope Cohn for the Art Program at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The exhibition is on view at the T-Concourse from January 2013 to January 2014 and features TindelMichi and other artists.

  • HUGE Inc. + TINDEL

    HUGE Inc justed moved to Atlanta. I was asked to create something a little bit southern on a 3D text form their logo. I created an ‘H’ full of slang.

  • Tindel: Batman

    Wasn’t sure it was going to turn into my version of Batman until late in the painting. New South Super Hero.

  • Tindel + Forward Warrior + ABV Art Gallery

    Forward Warrior is a live painting event organized and curated by Atlanta artist Peter Ferrari. It brings artists and communities together to create large scale murals over a single day. The current group, hosted by ABV GALLERY showcases work from a number of the artists who have participated in the events over the past three [...]

  • Discovery: Technology + Design + Pigs

    I am going to get back in to using sites like zazzle to test out ideas and using the art & design on different utilitarian mediums. So this is my first “discover” session on what the pig print and its elements would look like on some items. Quick brainstorm-super-imposing-photoshop-vecotr-pork-heaven. Get the limited edition (50) screen [...]

  • Throwback Thursday #1

    BAPTISM BY FIRE: TindelMichi & Barbara Archer Gallery.

  • Tindel + Art, Beats & Lyrics

    Did it again this year at Art, Beats & Lyrics.  Had to paint over my old design… that sucked a bit. Then, I started with a little too clean and modern design, but wasn’t quite funky enough for this event. So I created letters that I handcut out of tape on wood.  Spray painted the [...]


  • Jerry Cullum reviews Baptism by Fire

    Great Review by Jerry Cullum for on “Baptism by Fire” by TindelMichi at Barbara Archer Gallery. Read original article on here. Review: TindelMichi looks back to render new South in “Baptism by Fire” at Barbara Archer Gallery December 14, 2012 By JERRY CULLUM In their collaborative identity as TindelMichi, John Tindel and Michi [...]

  • Review “You Make Me Feel Special”

    Review “You Make Me Feel Special” reviews my recent works on paper at Kai Lin Art Gallery.  Show runs through mid september so go see it while it is still up.  Thanks for the great writing and perspective. Boom! I had an odd story to tell with this work, and this review kind [...]

  • AJC Review of Baptism By Fire

    Race often factors into duo’s art By Felicia Feaster For years now, the artists John Tindel and Michi Meko have been simpatico collaborators. This dynamic duo has teamed up to offer a vision of art and the bumpier byways of Southern history mixed up with a more urban contemporary reality of hip hop and graffiti [...]

  • “I Make Art In Atlanta” Interview with TINDEL

    I Make Art In Atlanta: John Tindel Published on May 17, 2011 by Molly Coffee Enter John Tindel. Voted one of the Top 50 Most Creative People in Atlanta by CommonCreativ Magazine. He is a resident of the suburbs of Atlanta by way of Opelika, Alabama by way of Panama City Beach by way of the [...]

  • TINDEL | 50 Most Creative People | Atlanta

    CommonCreativ Magazine announces John Tindel as one of the Top 50 Most Creative People in Atlanta! Thank you to the folks at CommonCreativ and the ATL.  Much appreciated, and I am only getting started.  If you would like to read the issue online, click here or on the magazine to the left.  My section is [...]

  • Sunday Southern Art Revival + ELEVATE

    Sunday Southern Art Revival team up with the City of Atlanta’s ELEVATE project to create large scale iconic mural. A new landmark created for the city.

  • + TindelMichi’s Relics

    TindelMichi’s Relics, a battlefield of symbol and story, form and flatness. Relics marks the return of TindelMichi as an art-making pair after a three year hiatus where the painters explored work independently.

  • The Book Shelf

    Digital Oldschool Books (Give me a second to get the books on the shelf. I am only a one man wolf pack. I am trying to figure a way to have the publications open in new windows or even over the screen, but that may take a second to make this experience a bit easier [...]

  • The TINDEL + Scoutmob Interview

    Meet Designer/Artist John Tindel He’s part of the upcoming Zenith show at Midtown’s Kai Lin Art Gallery. The show is an organic and seasonal tribute to nature-inspired imagery, the cosmos, and all things Fall. And Tindel himself is a tribute to all thing Southern… for the most part. Born in Opelika, Alabama, raised in Panama City [...]

  • FINK + TINDEL Interview

    “Drawing influences from the soul” an open dialogue with John Tindel. Interviewed by Phokus for FINK Magazine.