Video: Back In the Day…

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Back in the Day Here is a video I created for Michi and myself back in the day.  I was still living partially in South Florida and we were busting ass at all kinds of shows. [youtube=]

In Progress: "Truth be told" by TINDEL

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On the days that it is not cold and rainy, I take Blaise out back for a little 4-wheelin’ on his “Monster Truck”.  Since he takes off to the bottom of the yard, my only responsibilities now are to make sure he doesn’t run over the dog with the 4-wheeler or kill himself.  I have a [...]

New commission: The Pearsons

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  “The Pearsons” by TINDEL 20″ x 30″x 2″ aerosol paint, stain on wood box. Just finished this piece that I did for a friend of mine.  Tried a new technique and a contemporary sleek look for this one.  Trying to take all of my chaos and just grab small handfuls of it. The brown [...]

Project Alabama Collection

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Project Alabama stands by the belief that art knows no boundaries. Breaking free of canvas, we design t-shirts using quilting and handcrafting techniques that stem from our Alabama roots. The Ts are meant to be a reflection of our customer’s individuality— they are intricate yet simple garments for the woman who values self-expression.


with Love.