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ART SHOWS: Art Beats and Lyrics + Gentleman Jack + TINDEL

I have been creating artwork for this traveling tour for awhile now.  I […]

POLITICIAN HAIR: The Start of a New Series

“State of the Union Address”
Beware of Politician Hair ©.

Video: Iron John by Chicken Feet Films

Chicken Feet Films came by the house the other day and made an […]

Merchandise: TINDEL + ArtsProjekt

John Tindel (10DL), has become the newest artist to join the powerhouse art […]

Merchandise: Fresh Mugs

Fresh Mugs. 10DL2010.
Click on image to view full size ad.
Click here to learn […]

Video: TINDEL and The Creatives Project

Tindel and The Creatives Project Video
Thank you to Neda and the Atlanta Creatives […]